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Robyn D.Brau

Interior Designer

Residential Portfolio

Relationship: Client

Project Date: August 2018

Project Price: 10,000- $15,000

I cannot say enough good things about Robyn. She is extremely dedicated and passionate about her work as an interior designer. We hired Robyn, and we are glad that we did. Beforehand, our house was a clash of different styles. We had traditional mixed with contemporary and gold and chrome finishes mixed in with brushed nickel. During her initial visit, not only did Robyn listen to our different preferences and styles, but she was able to guide us into a more cohesive blend. She was able to help us pick out our wall color, cabinet color, fan sizes, fan styles, sink faucets finishes, etc. She definitely made our lives so much easier. We still use Robyn to this day, and would highly recommend anybody who needs a highly-motivated and hard-working interior designer to choose her.

Robyn D. Brau-Color Choice Interiors



Located In:

 Memphis, Tennessee

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